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Construction of bath-houses

 Projects of baths from logs

Projects of baths from logs

The Best House company offers design, production and construction of saunas from round logs, profiled square logs, handcraft log turnkey. We can offer construction materials atmospheric humidity or chamber drying. We embody the traditions of Russian wooden architecture and not only, you can order a sauna in the style of a chalet or another design of a demanding customer. Options for finishing the bath can be different, from budget to exquisite.


Projects of baths from barProjects of baths from timber

We build bath-houses from round logs, profiled solid square logs, laminated square logs, logs of handcraft.


Project of a bath with a billiard room  

The total area is 186.1 square meters

Walls and partitions – Round logs D240

Volume of logs -105 m / cub.

S roof – 240 m / sq.

Price without finishing:  (leave a request) (screw foundation, walls with beams overlapping, temporary roof, including delivery in MR) Turnkey price: (leave a request). The price of wall set:  (leave a request) (Round log 200mm of natural moisture without delivery)

Additionally, we offer the following services:

Electrical installation. Installation of ventilation systems. Installation of heating equipment. Wiring cold and hot water. Delivery and installation of autonomous treatment facilities (septic tank). Installation of fireplaces and stoves. Drilling and improvement of wells. Landscape design.

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Log house projects Log house projects

Log bath projects Log bath projects

Profiled square log projects Profiled square log projects

Manual felling Manual felling






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