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Seismic-resistant houses made of aerated concrete blocks, Wooden houses., Houses for export, Baths, Bathhouses construction, Construction of wooden houses., Projects of houses made of aerated concrete, Wooden churches, Ornamental forging, electric-gates, Gazebos, playgrounds, MAF,


Русский стиль в архитектуре.Russian style in architecture.


The Best House company offers the production and construction of wooden houses from the northern forest: houses made of round logs, solid square log and laminated square log, houses of manual felling, frame houses and panel houses. For the production of houses we use the winter forest of the European north and Siberia. Wooden houses are characterized by a healthy microclimate: lack of humidity, good air exchange with the environment, good thermal insulation - they are warm in winter and cool in summer. Wooden houses have a low weight and, therefore, they require foundations with less bearing capacity and accordingly less expensive and faster to build. Houses made of wood are earthquake resistant. Wooden housebuilding has deep historical roots in Russia. Over the centuries, the experience of building wooden houses has been accumulating and the construction has been perfected. An example of this are the samples of wooden architecture presented in Kizhi, Malye Korely, Kondopoga and other areas of the Russian North. Houses made of wood were built in Russia as well as in North America, Scandinavia mainly from logs. In Western Europe, wooden houses were mainly built on a frame technology (fachwerk). In modern wooden house-building, we have put together centuries of experience and new technologies. The best house company offers design, production and construction of saunas from round logs, a square log solid or glued, hand-crafted bathhouses, turnkey. We can offer for construction materials of atmospheric humidity or chamber drying. We embody the traditions of Russian wooden architecture and not only, we can order a bath-house in the style of a chalet or embody another design of a demanding customer. Options for finishing the bath-house can be different, from budget to exquisite. We provide individual design and construction services, construction management, reconstruction and modernization services. We build residential apartment buildings, private houses and commercial buildings. When working on a project, we carry out preparatory analysis, prepare estimates, prepare working drawings and material sheets, obtain construction permits. Our company offers the production of lumber: round log, profiled square log, glued square log meeting international quality standards. We produce high quality wood products, chamber drying, glued square logs and logs and other wood products. Production is in the Vologda region. The timber forest is harvested in the Arkhangelsk and Vologda regions and is delivered by road to the production site. The forest is also bought in Siberia. From Siberia, timber of larch and cedar is transported, as in our forests there are almost no cedar areas, and there are very few larch. While the Chinese have not cut down the entire forest in Siberia and the Far East, we offer our customers round logs and beams, as well as other sawn timber from cedar and larch.

Seismic-resistant houses made of aerated concrete blocks

Wooden houses.

Houses for export


Bathhouses construction

Construction of wooden houses.

Projects of houses made of aerated concrete

Wooden churches

Ornamental forging, electric-gates

Gazebos, playgrounds, MAF


Log house projects Log house projects

Log bath projects Log bath projects

Profiled square log projects Profiled square log projects

Manual felling Manual felling






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