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Project number 1 “Altena”. The house is made of aerated concrete 13,2×10,6.



Total area – 178 square meters (1915.98 square foot)

House made of aerated concrete blocks

Degree of readiness “on a turn-key basis” (thermal circuit + external finish): The foundation is pile-and-strip foundation. External walls aerated concrete block Ytong 375mm + Exterior finish – (plaster + painting). Internal walls and partitions – Aerated concrete blocks 250 and 150 mm. Overlapping concrete. Overlapping 1 floor. round hollow core slabs. Roofing- insulation 200 mm, metal tile 0.45 mm color standard. Windows plastic double-glazed. Doors external-metal with an anti-vandal coating.

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Timber frame house

The foundation is screwed. Screw metal piles 2500 mm x 108 mm x 4 mm, base diameter 300 mm, head 200 mm x 200 mm, concreting inside the pile. Strapping from a square log of natural moisture 150X200 mm. External walls174 mm (wooden frame + OSB 12mm + insulation with 150 mm basalt slabs or a variant of walls from SIP panels 174mm (polystyrene foam 150mm, OSB 12mm on both sides)). Internal walls and partitions: The frame of the partitions is made of a square log of natural moisture 100×40 mm in size, the distance between the frames of the frame of the partitions is 590 mm. Overlap of the basement: wooden on logs 200×50, flooring OSB 12 mm. Thermal insulation of basalt slabs 200 mm. Steam insulation 2 layers. The rough floor is an edging board 22 mm or OSB 9 mm. or the option of overlapping the basement of SIP panels 224-230mm with expanded polystyrene 200mm. Overlapping 1 floor: wooden frame, design load 200 kg / sq. m. Roof – insulation with basalt plates 200 mm thick, vapor barrier 2 layers, rafter system from the board 200×50, metal tile 0.45 mm color standard. Windows are double glazed. external doors are metal with anti-vandal coating

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