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Aerated concrete house projects

Projects of houses made of aerated concrete. 

Prices are for Russia, please check the price for the USA with the manager.

Each of the projects presented on this page has three complete sets:

House made of aerated concrete blocks and Timber frame house .

Design of houses made of aerated concrete and other materials. The Best House company offers the design of houses made of aerated concrete and other materials. Houses made from aerated concrete in German technology are the best option for building a house that does not require large operating costs. Due to their high thermal insulation and load-carrying capacity, these houses meet the high demands of modern housing construction. In houses of aerated concrete blocks it is warm in winter and cool in summer as in wooden houses. The vapor permeability of aerated concrete allows creating healthy microclimate in the house. In such houses there is less humidity, good air exchange with the environment. Houses made from aerated concrete have a small mass, since gas concrete has a low density. Hence, they require an easier foundation. They have high seismic resistance.

  Project 1. House made of aerated concrete 13,2 x 10,6 "Altena" Total area - 178 square meters More info  
Project 2. House of aerated concrete 18.4 x 12.45 "" Berndorf " The total area is 230 square meters Read more ...   
  Project 3.

House made of aerated concrete 10,7 x 9,05 "Konstanz"

Total area - 126 square meters

Read more ...

Project 4. House made of aerated concrete 18.4 x 12.45 "Meissen" The total area is 265 sq. M. Read more...
Project 5. House made of aerated concrete 13,0 x 10,4 "Oberhof" Total area - 175 square meters Read more ...
Project 6. House made of aerated concrete 11,55 x 8,04 "Klausdorf" The total area is 99 square meters Read more ...
  Project 7. House of aerated concrete 15,88 x 14,31 "Essen" The total area is 191 square meters Read more ...
  Project 8. House made of aerated concrete Rinsberg The total area is 297 sq. M. Read more ...  
Project 9.

House made of aerated concrete 25 x 13,3 m.

The total area is 236 square meters

Read more ...

    You did not find a suitable project, it does not matter, we can offer projects from our archive or make a new one. Call and come. Tel: +1 7473662981  

Block advantages.


Aerated concrete YTONG® is a unique high-tech building material that possesses both insulating and bearing properties and successfully combines the strength of the stone and the ease of processing and ecological compatibility of the tree.  Aerated concrete combines the best qualities of building materials and has high strength, fire resistance, moisture resistance, frost resistance, is not subject to destruction, shrinkage and decay. The material is easy to process and economical. And due to its heat and sound insulation properties, it practically does not require additional insulation and sound insulation.

Building blocks YTONG® have all the necessary technical documentation and meet both European and Russian standards and standards. In particular, according to the certificate of conformity "No. ROSS RU.SL87.N00706 for blocks of fine small concrete masonry concrete of D400 and D500 density", the products serially manufactured by ZAO "Xella-Aerobloc-Center" meet the requirements of GOST 31360-2007 "Walling products unreinforced from aerated concrete of autoclave hardening ", GOST 31359-2007" Concrete cellular autoclave mode "and STO 73045594-001-2008.

The greatest amount of heat is lost through the outer wall. This can be prevented by using the YTONG® blocks when building the walls of the house. Due to the presence of air in the pores, the YTONG® building material has excellent thermal insulation characteristics. Among the many wall materials available on the market, YTONG® aerated concrete has the lowest coefficient of heat penetration: the YTONG® thermal conductivity is only 0.09 W / m ° C. In addition, it is worth noting that, unlike other materials, the thermal conductivity of YTONG® is equally low in all directions.

The preservation of heat in the house is also facilitated by the fact that the YTONG® technology is based on the method of thin-walled masonry. Due to the high dimensional accuracy of building blocks, the walls can be erected on the basis of a glue solution. The thickness of the seams does not exceed 1-3 mm. In addition, there is no need to completely fill vertical seams with adhesive solution - they are replaced by the "groove-comb" system.

Thus, the blocks are in close contact with each other and prevent active heat exchange between the internal atmosphere of the rooms and the external environment. The wall of YTONG® material is a kind of "air conditioner" - the material accumulates heat in a warm time of day and gives it gradually at night, with a drop in temperature. The wall made of aerated concrete YTONG® regulates temperature fluctuations without mechanical intervention. As a result, together with a high degree of thermal insulation, and also due to the accumulation of heat provides a constant and comfortable temperature throughout the house. In the winter there is a fuel economy, and in the summer time there is a pleasant coolness.  The 37.5 cm wide wall, constructed from YTONG® blocks, fully complies with Russian climatic features and the normative requirements for thermal insulation for the Central, North-Western (Vologda, Kaliningrad, Pskov and Leningrad oblasts) and Privolozhsky FD RF.
It should be specially noted the following: the YTONG® construction system is suitable not only for external and internal walls, but equally for the construction of ceilings and roofs.



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