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Projects of wooden houses.

Russian style in architecture of the 19th century

Projects of stone houses.

Start building with the project!

1. Choose a project or send us a sketch.

2. We calculate the volume of materials and cost today.

3. If the price is right, we will prepare the project and specification. We will do this for you for free!

Now you can contract and build.

You can order a project of a wooden house or choose an existing company in the archive by contacting the Best House office at the coordinates indicated on the contacts page. The company “Best House” has been designing for many years. There are a lot of projects in our archive. For the construction of a wooden house from a rounded log or profiled square logs and the production of a complete set of parts for a house, it is necessary to create working design documentation necessary for proper cutting of the material. Therefore, in our production there are architects who are working on the development of working documentation for production. To start designing, enough sketches of facades and floor plans of the future house. Usually, customers find the right project on the Internet. Currently, the Internet has a whole sea of ​​projects for every taste.

Almost always the customer asks to make changes to the project, which he found on the Internet: change the layout, move the wall, change the facade or the roof. The customer can express his wishes by phone or e-mail and coordinate all the changes remotely. In order to order a project and conclude a contract for design work, the customer needs to come to the company’s office. So there is a unique project. The finished project and the construction contract are signed by the parties and the production of sets of parts for the house begins.

You can send a request and we will contact you at a time convenient for you (specify when) by phone or email.

Photo of houses, projects of Russian style


Projects of houses from rounded logs.
We offer an original house project from rounded logs for placement in the corner of the land plot.



Log house projects Log house projects

Log bath projects Log bath projects

Profiled square log projects Profiled square log projects

Manual felling Manual felling






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